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Original sketches of Danny Wise

Danny Wise, that is how to become somebody in the world of Fashion without being born into this trade of art, from the catwalk as a model to the catwalk of a designer, today Danny Wise is the youngest creator of Haute Couture, being educated between Los Angeles and Italy.

He catches the essential sides of both the cultures melting them into a single style. The colour, the aggressive form and the sunlit get deftly mixed with an age-old culture of ornamental. Italian splendour and with the story of handcraft, made of tradition and rich of perfection through manual agility.

Two cultures clearly defined, one towards the functional, the other one towards the tradition. The admiration for natural and artificial beauty make un the principal motive of his vocation to Fashion, intended not only to create garments to cover the body, but as an expression of a way of being and thinking.

The creativity of Danny Wise turns the image of his ideal woman into a provocative creature, feminine aggressive, but at the same time severe and elegant, exalting shapes and beauty.

Danny Wise treats the most valuable furs as precious textiles and dyes them with brilliant colours: lilac, blue, pink powder, and with extraordinary manual capabilities they become as light as to form the body of women destined to wear them. 

Clothes, suits, and above all the evening dresses are thought up for every single woman in order to exalt her secret peculiarities. Worship of beauty through practical ability.

In a first great Fashion Show Danny Wise presents in public his summer collection 1992. Characterized of a very strong aesthetic sense, immediately this first collection earns a great success. A careful search of textiles, all final touches studied in the smallest details, no negligence in his collections, neither the most little and hidden particular remains neglected. 

His gospel: refined elegance. And after Haute Couture and Couture Boutique couldn’t lack.

A rich collection that goes along with the woman on every occasion from morning to evening. An other characteristic of Danny Wise that he spoke perfectly five languages and is being able to conciliate taste and love for Fashion with a great entrepreneurial capability; he has got a staff on international level that unifies culture and technical qualification with handicraft mastery, thanks to the presence of ladies-tailor and experts in embroidery; creeds of those where the art of embroidery and manual ability have a cult.