While Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, Danny Wise paints the vault of his Universe of Beauty destined for the Chosen, already in Life detached from the Earth, he dresses the Bodies, Matrix of the Divine, as is evident in the Regal Elegance of His Woman’s Bodies. 

While today’s women emphasize original sin, Danny Wise’s woman seems almost free from this sin, without losing the femininity educated to cultured and highly refined men. 

Danny Wise’s Woman: the transfiguration of the Woman into Divine Beauty, unexpected Earthly Enchantment, Her Class exceeds any earthly ostentation of naked and exposed bodies, which are then distinguished only by their mediocre vulgarity. 

Danny Wise’s Divine Class of Women triumphs by becoming Immortal Ecstasy.

I have never been able to work without a woman to love.
The Woman is for Me: the earth, the sky, the light and the warmth on me