Bespoke Items

The realization of a dream knows only one limit,
that of the imagination.
hands danny wise
A dream is enough …
… To give life to a creation. It may be a childhood dream, an unusual dream, the dream of an object that no longer exists. 
A dream all to yourself.

And a meeting


The Stylist, the artisans, the cutting masters, the engineers of Danny Wise are ready to listen, to dialogue and to re-elaborate a desire. 

Gradually, the dream takes shape, takes shape, becomes a sketch, a project, a scale model. The teams select exceptional materials, develop the design, fine-tune the prototype. Then, the time of realization comes. 

This is how every custom made object by Danny Wise is born. Faithful to the vocation of the maison, which, since 1992, has been manufacturing High Fashion and Extra Luxury of which it is a world leader. 

The spirit of the Danny Wise maison is also present here, with its need, its audacity and its imagination.


DANNY WISE, the master of dreams

Any dream is allowed

A case carries alligator under glasses and its own gold aperitif straws, a bag for an unusual use, a tailored suit, a rare leather jacket, luggage for your car, in the same color as the saddlery or the exterior color, all in alligator or crocodile with gold fastenings sailboat or airplane… 

It’s like a poetic, wonderful and infinite inventory. 

Danny Wise creations ignore conventions, exceed desires, even dreams, as he said to a Princess, who asked him:

What can Danny Wise do for Me?


Dreams, dreams, dreams as well,
when his dreams end,
well I’ll start from there.