Luxury exterior for a Class interior

For a Man who wishes to present Himself without speaking.

For all dreamers and the few lucky.

It is exactly the Ultra High Net Worth individuals to whom we ad this line man, whose objects are able to express a real luxury in an absolute sense.

Rigorously made in Italy.

From day to Great evening, already starting from a product on the highest grade in the world, combined with the dexterity of Sicily, regions where it was a cult, so merge the uniqueness of final object, formed by way of the creator who manage to melt, with his imprinted: the chromaticity Mediterranean, phlegm and rigor English, the French class and American glitz. 

Monday through Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm


The extreme and meticulous search of the best fabrics in the world:

For shirts: scottish cottone, italian silks from crepe de chine to maroccan crepe.

For complete: cashmere o Kashmink english, moair, vicunia, yangir up to the dream of the 150 super silk and diamond dust, in the fantastic and very refined, customized shade of undisputed creative genius of Danny Wise.

For coats: real works of art, now a symbol of extremely luxury and class in the world, cashmere and sobol with interior baby mink colored or chinchilla in the same color or contrast with the outside.

The shoes: entirely handmade and customized in reptile, combined with a belt, for Great evening, now entered into legend worn by Hollywood stars.

Tuxedos: blacks or white racket and black pants with spears in Beverly Hills, DW sets; brocade in silver or gold with spears or shawl strictly tailored entirely sewn by hand, and with eyes open and in silk and nacre buttons.

A while ago the President of the United States of America said, Mr. Ronald Reagan wears a Danny Wise tuxedo in front of the mirror of our Beverly Hills Ateliers he said:

thank you Maestro