Be Danny Wise

The thought of Danny Wise

from 1992

The fashion, the way of being, the reality of a dream.

I have never been able to work without a woman to love; The Woman is for Me: the earth, the sky, the light and the warmth on me

If you are fortunate enough to learn to fly, walk on earth still watching the sky, you will still hear there, all will look at you will be admired, is because you wear my creation.​

My Stars still shine when the Night is finished.

I never was able to work without a Woman to love; A Woman is for me Earth, Sky, Light and Heat on me.

Luxury Exterior for a Class Interior.

Three Satellites of a unique Universe called Luxury.

from 2000

Among many quince, an apple Couture.

My thoughts, that mortals call creations, may be will not lengthen life, but possessing or give one, believe me, give you the SENSE, Happiness and Pride, this is my luxury designed for You.

If you are looking for the Best.

If you want to cover yourself, do not come to me ... If you want to dress, I can not serve you ... But if you want to be, Superb, Admired and Remembered ... Come to Me.

I received 51 International Awards, have chosen my style 3 King, 7 Princesses, 2 Duchesse , 86 Baroness, 26 Stars, 4 of which won the Oscar, wearing my clothes .... I really think can do Superb also You too.

The Beautiful will save the World.

If you are lucky enough to learn to fly you will walk the earth while still looking at the sky, you will still feel there, everyone will look at you and you will be admired it is because you are still wearing one of my creations.

The Meaning of the Miracle in everyday life.

Who does not have a past as a top, not 'have an immortal future.

If you're lucky enough.

Those with strong personalities do not need to have to pretend.

Don't Be like the rest of them Darling, Be Extraordinary, Be Fabulous, Be Unforgettable.

In a “WILD” World, We have always been faithful to Ourselves, being “WISE”.