Brand History


The Story of the trademark Danny Wise is not only the tale of a commercial and fortunate course, but the story of desired success, a singular example of a professional word whereas the business increase spring in a sole way the extraordinary presence of the stylist.

The creation of Wise, in fact, are not only permeated of strong devising capability, but those creations live… through him, the best seller of himself, a rapacious conqueror of preys to dress with a color or an idea… a piece of his own life.

A life which has it’s deep roots in the warm sicilian colors as in the sparkling chromaticism of Florida, places which will remain forever engraved in the imaginary of the stylist.

An adolescence experienced with sports, the hard ones, those to form the musculature of mind and rigore of heart.

Than, turning all upside down, a way along the most famous catwalks of the world wearing, only for a while, ideas of others. Years go by, worming out the profession of celebrated stylists that steal his face to him, years.

Full of photography as testimonial of prestigious trademarks. From those click son, his eyes made a hole into the image, searching for you, telling you to wait for the moment when Wise would discover within himself the strength of a taken out profession, later on, with the security of a man used to be among the people for the people.

Wise is a predatory, he steals you a thought, a movement, a piece of heart, but in exchange for i the sews on you a second skin; he loves woman, but he got a weakness for those who, in a detached way, passed by his shop windows at Montenapoleone, woman that have already got all, and he’ disposed to acquire and to dress them forever.

The story of his success is made of an impossible quickness, but only for those who do not know his great capability to sell himself.

Pragmatic and sensitive, genius creative and organizational, quality hardly to make them living, together, but qualities which worked well, and, in only a fews years, made him the present of an atelier in foro Bonaparte, a shop in Montenapoleone and a lots of international clients.

In this context the textile art of Wise finds great appraisers; it is a production rich of glamour.

Realized with precious textiles and executed with high tailoring techniques in a workroom situated in the heart of his home, watched over and caressed by strict eyes. Boutique, Couture, Haute Couture, three ways of an only universe made of a manically search of craft made, with the flavour of the best tradition.

In his atelier one can breathe a refined simplicity together with the smell of textile relaxing along the table where nervous designs are born, design that will find their measure only when those forms, just sketched out, become cloth after being pinned down around an old tailors dummy made of red velvet.

Even his fashion shows, for choice never included in official performances, have always been unforgettable events. Danny Wise therefore is a refined creative who thinks up handmade creations which are a cult for those people that do wear and love them for years, creations designed to be international and of a chic without frontiers.

Believing in this trademark means, to those who take the opportunity today, to accompany a new myth in the newborn millennium.


The Man who created and defined the Concept of Extraordinary in the World

Danny Wise Luxury Art Draw 1° Global presentation

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