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The following information, relating to the use of cookies and similar technologies on the website www.DANNY (“Site”), is provided to the user / visitor (“you”) in compliance with European and Italian legislation on processing of personal data and electronic communications.
The Site is owned by DANNY WISE S.r.l. – registered office Via S. Caterina 4 93100 Caltanissetta, Italy – VAT number: 02031460856 (“DANNY WISE” or the “Manager”), operated with the technical and operational support of DANNY WISE S.r.l. (the “Provider) any information or request regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies on this Site, you can contact DANNY WISE by writing to the email address privacy @ DANNY

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send and record on their computer or mobile device, to be then re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit. Thanks to cookies, the site remembers the user’s actions and preferences (such as, for example, login data, the chosen language, font size, other display settings, etc.) so that they do not have to be indicated again. when the user returns to visit said site or browse from one page to another. Cookies, therefore, are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of information regarding the activities of users who access a site and may also contain a unique identification code that allows you to keep track of the user’s navigation within. of the site itself for statistical or advertising purposes. While browsing a site, the user may also receive cookies from sites or web servers other than the one they are visiting on their computer or mobile device (third-party cookies). Some operations could not be performed without the use of cookies, which in some cases are therefore technically necessary for the site to function itself.

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, and these can remain on the user’s computer or mobile device for different periods of time: session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed; persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s equipment until a set deadline.
Under current legislation, the user’s express consent is not always required for the use of cookies. In particular, technical cookies do not require this consent; in other words, these are cookies that are essential for the operation of the site or necessary to perform activities requested by the user.
For advertising cookies, on the other hand, i.e. those aimed at creating profiles relating to the user and used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the net, and for social network cookies, that allow your interaction with the social network, a prior consent of the user is required.
Which cookies are used on the Site
The Site in addition to the types of cookies indicated above, used for the operation of the Site and for the provision of the services present therein, to understand and improve the user’s browsing experience, as well as to send you advertising in line with your preferences manifested in the context of surfing the net, uses other types of cookies.
We can divide the various types of cookies into:
– technical cookies, i.e. navigation or session cookies and strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site or to allow you to take advantage of certain contents and services you have requested; functionality cookies, i.e. used to activate specific functions of the Site and a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered and analytical cookies, including from third parties, which allow you to understand how the Site is used by you and other users;
– advertising cookies, including from third parties, i.e. cookies designed to create user profiles and used in order to send you advertising messages in line with your preferences expressed in the context of surfing the net.
– social network cookies, third-party cookies (eg Facebook) that allow your interaction with the social network. These cookies collect navigation data that can be associated with your social account.
Advertising cookies and social network cookies are activated and used by the Site only in case of your prior consent to such use.
Third-party cookies, i.e. cookies from websites or web servers other than that of DANNY, are also used for the purposes of said third parties.
How to enable or disable cookies


You can authorize, block or delete (in whole or in part) cookies through the specific functions of your navigation program (browser): in the hypothesis in which all or some of the cookies (technical or functional, including those of any third parties) are disabled, it is possible that the Site cannot be consulted or that some services or certain functions of the Site are not available or do not work properly and / or you may be forced to modify or manually enter some information or preferences each time you visit the Site.
For details on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your browser, you can consult the relevant instructions.

Cookie Center

You can choose to accept only technical cookies, accept all cookies or manage your preferences in the Cookie Center promptly by clicking on the respective buttons in the banner that appears at the bottom of the home page on your first visit.
You can also express or change your consent at a later time by accessing the Cookie Center from the appropriate link in the footer of the site.
We inform you that:
– since the technical, functional and analytical cookies (including those of any third parties) are those strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site or to take advantage of the content and services requested, it is not possible to disable this type of cookie, as this would compromise the correct functioning of the Site or the use of its contents and services;
– failure to authorize advertising cookies or social network cookies (including any third parties) will not affect the functioning of the Site.
The choices you make in relation to the Site’s cookies will in turn be recorded in a specific technical cookie, having the characteristics listed in the appropriate cookie table. This cookie may, however, in some circumstances not work properly: in such cases, we recommend that you delete unwanted cookies and inhibit their use even through the functionality of your browser.
Your preferences regarding cookies will be reset if you use different devices or browsers to access the Site or if you delete cookies from your device.
Recently seen

In order to show you our products that you have already viewed in the section of the Site called “Recently Viewed”, we also use technologies similar to cookies (in particular, “HTLM5 Local Storage”) which store information in the Local Storage of your browser. To delete the information stored in the Local Storage of your browser you can, at any time, proceed according to the following instructions.
You can delete the information in your Local Storage by clicking on “Delete All” accessible from the “See all” link visible at the end of the “Recently viewed” horizontal scrolling block. To proceed using the browser you will have to delete the navigation data by following the instructions at the links below, by checking the item “Cookies and website data”.

Below are the paths to follow for the main browsers:

Internet explorer:
Microsoft Edge:
Web push notification With your express consent, you will be able to receive customized notifications on DANNY products and commercial news on your device (so-called “web push notification”).
In order to send you these notifications we use technologies similar to cookies (in particular, “HTLM5 Local Storage”) which store information in the Local Storage of your device. Some of your personal data are also stored on our servers – located in the European Union – for the management of “web push notifications”.

The personalization of communications is carried out on the basis of the way you browse and use the Site and, in particular, the products you viewed, purchased or placed in the cart or the data you entered in the registration form on the site or during the purchase phase. of products on the Site (in particular, your name to personalize the communication sent to you and your date of birth to offer you promotions and discounts dedicated to you on your birthday).
The categories of personal data that are used for this purpose are:
– products purchased, viewed or placed in the cart;
– first name;
– date of birth;
– gender (man or woman);
– language used for navigation and version of the Site used (country);
– information about the device and browser that are used by you;
– date and time in which you gave your consent to receive web push notifications;
– creation date of the My Account;
– date of the last visit to our site.

You can withdraw your consent to receive such personalized commercial communications at any time by proceeding, depending on the browser you use, according to the following instructions.

Main browsers:
Chrome: Settings> Show Advanced Settings> Privacy – Content Settings> Notifications – Manage Exceptions> Enter www.DANNY and select “Block”

Firefox: Options> Contents> Notifications – Select> www.DANNY – “Block”

Safari: Preferenze > Notifiche > Da qui impostare il selettore su “Rifiuta”

Potrai, inoltre, revocare il tuo consenso alla ricezione delle notifiche anche a partire dalle comunicazioni che ricevi, procedendo secondo le seguenti istruzioni.
Desktop: Clicca con il tasto destro del mouse sulla notifica > disabilita notifiche da www.DANNY
Mobile: Accedi al centro notifiche > Parametri sito > Notifiche > Blocca notifiche da www.DANNY
Per avere maggiori informazioni su tale tipologia di comunicazioni consulta l’informativa privacy del Sito.
Ulteriori informazioni
Maggiori informazioni e dettagli sui vari tipi di cookie, le loro modalità di funzionamento e caratteristiche sono reperibili sul sito, indipendente dal gestore e ad accesso libero,
Per le informazioni generali di natura legale su DANNY e sull’utilizzo del Sito si vedano le Condizioni Generali d’Uso del Sito. Per le informazioni sul trattamento dei dati personali da parte di DANNY attraverso il Sito si veda l’apposita Privacy Policy.

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Safari: Preferences> Notifications> From here set the selector to “Reject”
You can also withdraw your consent to receive notifications also starting from the communications you receive, by proceeding according to the following instructions.
Desktop: Right click on the notification> disable notifications from www.DANNY
Mobile: Access the notification center> Site parameters> Notifications> Block notifications from www.DANNY
For more information on this type of communication, consult the privacy policy of the Site.
Further information
More information and details on the various types of cookies, their operating methods and characteristics can be found on the site, independent from the operator and with free access,
For general information of a legal nature on DANNY and on the use of the Site, see the General Conditions of Use of the Site. For information on the processing of personal data by DANNY through the Site, see the ‘specific Privacy Policy.