Extra Luxury Art

“The quality of my work is what I strive for rather than quantity. For a total of three months I traveled the world, searching and penetrating different cultures and cities to find the most prestigious fabrics.

For the finest tweeds, I flew to Scotland, for the optimum velvet, I traveled to Germany, for the 120$ Black Diamond, I went to Britain.”

Wise uses his sixth sense of fine sensitivity and complexion in order to develop his mind-blowing designs; staggering creations that turn one glance into an extensive stare at what some people might call exquisiteness.

Museum Collections of Danny Wise Haute Couture

Danny Wise Museum Art Collection

COURSES AND CLAIMS HISTORY: THE DISCOVERY OF A NEW “Hellenism MEDITERRANEAN” Production of 3° a.C. with the Style of 3° Millennium.

An extraordinary event, the antiquated land of exceptional singularities of Trinacria, the guardian of a priceless heritage, is called to celebrate the spectacular revival of the classical period, which is considered the apogee of ancient art.