Important dates

June 7: DANNY WISE founded in Milan, at Navigli, a small fashion shop in Alta Moda. From there, a true “DANNY WISE Haute Fourrure” line is born and DANNY WISE parties begin, which soon become as memorable as Forte dei Marmi.

houte couture

DW signs the first collection of blown swimwear in blossom pecs and is immediately a big hit. The first collection “DANNY WISE Haute Couture” was born. DANNY WISE is awarded the “Giandomenico Martoretta Prize”. PATRIZIA ROSSETTI, the first woman of the FININVEST Group, chooses to wear DANNY WISE clothes for her New Year’s Eve, presented to her, at unified nets. danny-wise
The Atelier moves from Navigli, trend zone, to Foro Bonaparte, in an ancient noble palace next to the Sforza Castle, with private court: eight storeys on two levels; Stabilizes the image from trend to chic. “DANNY WISE Couture” is born, the second cloth line.
The third line of cloth: “DANNY WISE Boutique”. The first advertising campaigns on “Vogue” and “Harper Bazar” are open, celebrating why, only after 3 YEARS, DANNY WISE returns to Vogue, this time with a brand of his own, unlike before when his face was used to advertise other brands. In fact, DANNY WISE is the only living man to have been on Vogue, first as a model and then stylist. October: only 4 YEARS have passed and the dream ambience of all fashion designers takes place: in the Montenapoleone Street, Intercontinental Fashion Lounge, the first Boutique DANNY WISE is inaugurated. December: the DANNY WISE boutique is awarded the “Showcase of the Year” in Milan. Industry magazines write DANNY WISE as the “enfant prodige” of Couture meneghina; the richest and most powerful European women are fighting the art and craft of the young prodigy for all the important events. DANNY WISE clothes and fur are noteworthy at Prima della Scala in Milan, at Rosa Rosa in Monte Carlo, at the Grand Ball in Vienna. Hollywood actresses start asking for their advice; DANNY WISE is increasingly forced to travel to serve his chosen and spoiled clientele, which demands his presentism. fashion fashion fashion
The High Fashion laboratory in Sicily also becomes Atelier. It solidifies the relationship with wealthy US customers. danny-wise
DANNY WISE celebrates in Milan 5 YEARS since the birth of the brand, at the disco “On Stage”, in via Manzoni, one of the most exclusive streets in the city, surrounded by 250 people, all friends. BEVERLY HILLS, in a 3-floor Hollywood villa, is the third Atelier, the only one in the world with swimming pool. DANNY WISE is able to give a first-time gift to a super-spoiled and stunning city like Beverly Hills. It’s cover on Los Angeles Time. DANNY WISE, with its brilliant artistic talent, lends itself to a city that already represents the luxury of excellence. US super-customers, wives and daughters of State Presidents, Las Vegas Casino Owners, make the echo of DANNY WISE’s talent at the earliest Hollywood producers; Right now famous actresses and singers such as HIPA HEDREN, JULIE FISHER, KIM BASINGER, JODY FOSTER, MELANY GRIFFITH, ELISABETH BALEY, MARAYA CARAY, IVAN SPAIN, JENNIFER LOPEZ etc. And less well-known, in the race to become one, make an appointment at his Beverly Hills Atelier. It is a continuous departure from Limousine and Rolls Royce, to get a meeting, one Autograph, a look, a special advice from the Master. Producer Morgan Carey, Maraya’s brother, wants DANNY WISE’s voice for a song in a Los Angeles film, “Cool Crime”; he is the only stylist and the only Italian, along with Frank Sinatra, to lend his voice to an American film. DANNY WISE is invited by the President of the United States, Mr Ronald Reagan, to his Los Angeles residence, where he receives the Medal for the immense talent and positive contribution given to the city of Los Angeles. DANNY WISE is the only Living Stylist who has been present with her wonderful clothes at all the world’s most important events (Academy Awards, Music Awards, Screen Awards, Animal Awards Hollywood). Los Angeles: The magazine “In Style Magazine” rewards DANNY WISE: “Best dress of the Year”. regan hollywood hollywood hollywood

DANNY WISE becomes a true “Life Style” from day to night. Opening its restaurant “Il Vesuvio” in Milan, he finds friends, singers, directors, models, Arab princes, Italian and foreign actresses.

The Atelier in Caltanissetta moves from a two-storey floor.
September 2: Palermo wants DANNY WISE at home. To the Teatro Massimo, the first night of fashion on Canale 5, with Massimo Giletti: “Award of the Italian Ciampi Presidency” (Cavaliere del Lavoro). palermo
March 4: Career Oscar Award: “N° 1 Sicilian in the World”, with the motivation: “For the great support of his style in the Mediterranean”. oscar oscar

July 8: Caltanissetta, DW tributes to his native land, with an outdoors parade; 50 models, 20 makeup artists from Paris, a director from Bologna, 200 staff members, 3,000 lights, fireworks, 20 cameras, 60,000 watts of amplification. “10 YEARS DANNY WISE” celebrates them, with about 15,000 of curious customers, friends and disbelievers. It is very impressive to see an “W” with the fingers of his own hands and another immense “W BLU”, created with pyrotechnic games, that stands out in the sky, in that magical midnight summer night. From the Mayor of Caltanissetta, DANNY WISE receives a prestigious career award with the motivation: “For the great talent and support to the Mediterranean. 2003 The bases are internationally established. It is time to bring together, where possible, the various laboratories and offices, located in different countries. The Company is now pushing for big goals: the immortality of the brand! They need new men, with peculiar features in marketing. “WISE Palace” was born: about 5,000 square meters, covered on two floors and 25,000 square meters of square. Needed for a heliport to host12,000 customers and friends throughout the year, who require their mastery of art consulting.


December: Massimo Giletti’s guest, RAI UNO, “Casa Giletti” (special High Fashion) Inauguration of the “Wise Palace” and retrospective parade of the private collection of the “DANNY WISE Museum” in the world.

August 25. DANNY WISE receives an award from the Racalmuto Administration (AG) as “Sicilian in the World”, “for the important work of spreading Italian Fashion beyond the Ocean.” Draws a precious and prized dress from the private collection of the DANNY WISE.

December 19: DANNY WISE hosted at “Hunt House” in England, the official residence of “Club Roll-Royce”; his signature on the guestbook of honor is requested: an indelible memory of his special presence.


18 June: in our I.H.G.Q. DANNY WISE presents on a 70m long platform. The “Haute Couture Collection 2006”.

19 – 20 November: DANNY WISE, host of “Lamborghini Club Italy” in Padua.

November 26: “The Seduction is on the air” Photo exhibition DANNY WISE 1992-2005, through the advertising campaigns in the world, dresses worn by Stars of Hollywood and the most beautiful women DW, from 1992 to 2005.

cat-walk seduction-on-the-air

21 October: DANNY WISE, with unanimous consensus, receives the “Satiro d’Oro” fashion prize by Barbara Chiappini: “For the promotion of the Euro-Mediterranean world”.

1 November: the chrome-plating of “DANNY WISE Boutique” is renewed.

dw palace

January: opens the first Mega Store DANNY WISE: three floors of International Luxury.8 February: Another dream come true. The “International Luxury Exhibition” in Verona admits the “Brand DANNY WISE”, as one of the world’s top luxury brands. April: DANNY WISE also arrives in Russia and is immediately the cover. The famous magazine “Rossia”, the first Soviet magazine of luxury, devotes the cover with a “Haute Couture” dress DANNY WISE, photographed in the first hotel in Europe with seven stars, “Town House Galleria Hotel”, 2nd in the world after that Of Dubai.

19 April: in Milan, the exclusive party for the cover of the magazine “Rossia”, with DANNY WISE dress at the “Principe di Savoia” (Luxury 5 stars) Hotel. They dress up 30 dresses of the DANNY WISE Haute Couture Collection. Thirty invited, including top top top characters in Russia, top-family of Albania, Milan and the King of Nigeria, ready to ask for the autograph for the twenty women of his family.

May 25-26: “DANNY WISE CELEBRATE 15 YEARS” of activity, with a series of events, between the two dates indicated. On May 25, the Mega Store of Corso Umberto No. 41 is inaugurated, which houses worlds and distant styles: the American glamor, the French class, the Anglo-Saxon rigor and the Mediterranean chromaticity, revisited with original stylistic and inventive stylist . 500 sqm of Extreme Luxury, distributed on three floors, recalling the great American lecture on products and exhibition spaces, based on the quality of the lines. “On the ground floor we find, in fact, the” Women Accessories “with a A room dedicated entirely to footwear and one at the “Home Signature”. On the first floor is the prestigious “Boutique Woman” – On the second floor we find the area dedicated to the “Couture Woman”, with a large room and continuing the ” Haute Couture Privé “, sought after top of the production: Top-Class items, refined and exclusive. With the opening of this Mega Store, finally Sicilian women are offered the possibility to have in their region those extra luxury products, present on Italian territory, only in Milan via Montenapoleone.

On May 26, the white staircase in Piazza Luigi Capuana is the backdrop to the DANNY WISE parade with more than 80 dresses created between 1992 and 2007. The event features about 5.000 people, including 300 illustrious personalities of the institutions, Journalism and industry. The staff consists of 250 people: 50 models from all over the world, 40 hairdressers and over 40 makeup artists. Goods for an unforgettable event.

August 30: DANNY WISE receives in Caltanissetta, with unanimous consent, the “International Stone Castle Award”.

The publisher of the magazine “Luxury First Class Temptation” devotes a special cover to the stylist, with the image of his face. 

May 30: The entire course of Umberto 1st, the most important street of fashion, is completely closed for two days at the traffic. In honor of DANNY WISE, over 1000 people from all over the world, including friends, fans, journalists and numerous VIPs. “The Seduction is in the air” DANNY WISE celebrates its 17 YEARS: three events on the same day. DW EVENT at 10 am: DANNY WISE hosts, in front of its Mega Store, representatives of the prestigious “Targa Florio”, being Mayor partner (in the past it never happened to pass from Caltanissetta, this could only happen thanks to Danny Wise), along with 70 cars. To honor the party, the visit of N.D. “Marchesa Constanta Afan De Rivera Florio”, the last descendant of the organizer of the House, from which the event is named. The “Lotus Casa Madre” and the “Maserati Sicily Club”. DW MUSEUM – 18.00 pm: No. 42 Danny Wise Museum Creations on Chest Busts, replica of Canova. Above a majestic bastion of 1400, yellow stone, is set up a photographic exhibition with 50 grams of covers, advertising campaigns and women who won the Oscars, wearing exclusive Maison Danny Wise, stand just below these Dress sculpture. DW GALA – at 9 pm: Grand Galà in a court, former convent. Dinner and presentation of the cover of the magazine “Luxury First Class Temptation”, with the stylist’s face. As mentioned earlier, DANNY WISE is the only Designer to be present on Vogue, both as a model and Designer.


DANNY WISE designs the “LOUIS” Men’s Bag. It has been since the 1970s that a stylist did not create a Bag for Man. 

18 fantastic specimens, destined for “Numbers One”, because “LOUIS” is the most expensive bag in the world: 103,000 euros for owning it.

“20 YEARS DANNY WISE” Celebrate the twenty years of Maison Danny Wise, with a special event: “MUSEUM-ART COLLECTION. Inside the ancient Caltanissetta Museum, Stylist DW presents his most famous high fashion creations, winning major awards since 1992. danny-wise-museum danny-wise-museum danny-wise-museum
The wonderful Boutique Danny Wise, at Marina di Riposto harbor of Etna: the only boutique in the world with private mooring, for an exclusive Elite shopping in the Mediterranean Sea; an elegant, refined and comfortable environment, aimed at a super-spoiled and demanding clientele of a wide international breath. opening dw-danny-wise-film-fest-jun-2-2013 dw-danny-wise-film-fest-jun-2-2013

The ART MUSEUM collection is born. DANNY WISE creates ex-novo precious and refined pottery vessels, amphorae… inspired by the classic Greek period of the 3rd century BC. Thanks to its ingenious talent and its unsurpassed artistic inventiveness, the sacred name of Art returns to triumph in the beloved Sicily, thus becoming the center of the spread of a renewed Italica Culture. 

The Top Russian Style magazine “Top Italian Style” dedicates the cover with the title: “DANNY WISE the Magnificent Lorenzo of the 3rd Millennium”.

April-May: the illustrious Designer DANNY WISE is awarded two authoritative honors: the “CRUX MERITI” belonging to the Assiro-Chaldean Orthodox Church with the honor of NH and the “OFFICIAL DOCUMENT OF THE HOLY SEE VATICAN” with the special ecclesiastical blessing of PAPA FRANCESCO. Both give credit to his charismatic artistic and introspective journey.

December: the Magazine “First Class” from UK offer to the designer the cover for his great talent and like “Man of the Year”.

DANNY WISE BIOGRAPHY is published on Top Biographies on line.

“25 YEARS DANNY WISE”. It is with an emotional letter of thanks, written with the heart, from the hands of Danny Wise, President and Stylist of the homonymous Maison, beginning with the 25th anniversary of its prestigious High Fashion & Luxury House. Between the rows, one perceives the enormous spirit of dignity and the perceived passion for his unremitting work. A letter, translated into five languages, expresses deep gratitude.
And gratitude, especially addressed to all those who have contributed and participated in the realization of this wonderful dream.

13 April 2018: Receives the named recognition from the mayor Orlando in Palermo “Precious piece of the Palermo mosaic.