Haute Couture

When the luxury has no borders

For all the dreamers and the few fortunate.

Danny Wise’s Haute Couture belongs to Ultras High Net Worth exactly individual in which it is turned this line.

Great charme Dresses and refined accessories capable of expressing a real extra luxury in absolute sense. 

Already by leaving of a basic product to the summits of the quality, united manually, Sicily where places is a worship, they base themselves the uniqueness of the final object, modeled by the way of being of the creator which by managing to melt, with its imprinting the Mediterranean Chromaticity, the French Class and the American Splendor.

Monday through Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm

“I’ve always realized my work with a woman to love,
Women for me are the Land, the Sky, the Light and the Warmth on Me.”