Haute Fourrure

Haute Fourrure Woman

“When luxury has no boundaries” For all the dreamers and the lucky few.
It is exactly to the Ultra High Net Worth individuals it is addressed to
this line whose objects are able to express true luxury in an absolute sense.
The creativity of Danny Wise was born in 1992 in Milan just as a high fur stylist transforms the image of his ideal international woman with a very high socio-cultural profile into a provocative, feminine, aggressive but at the same time severe and elegant creature, enhancing her shapes and beauty, the Fur that presents the same Woman without speaking herself. Danny Wise chooses the basic product of Quality, then treating the finest leathers sobol, Golden Marten, chinchilla, as precious fabrics and dyes them in the brightest colors: lilac, Wise blue, powder pink, fuchsia Wise, Royal mango Wise, inserting feathers that lighten and lengthen the hair, creating nuances and shades and degrade them as only he can do and with extraordinary manual skill makes them so light as to shape the body of the woman they are intended for, transforming them into very soft and light furs like clouds, calculating the balance between lightness and durability with skilful mastery.


Monday through Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm

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