"Danny Wise a Life Style... a Way of Life"

The Royal marriage of supreme “Class” and the sublime “Harmony” is the stunning “artistic imprimatur” of renowned designer Danny Wise: a great self-made man, a distinguished architect of prestigious Maison and eponymous brand. A unique “Brand-cult”, high-calibre, which operates on five continents and, after more than two decades, continues to enrich the vast panorama of Italian ???.

Danny Wise, “world citizen” honorary renowned “child-prodigy”, at the end of a distinguished past as Supermodel (among the most famous in the world), which has seen extraordinary protagonist of important trends and magazine covers from 1976 to the beginning of the nineties, thanks to its infamous creative talent and an incredible entrepreneurial skills, young is about to tread the wondrous “stage of Art”, founded in Milan, June 7 1992, the “House of High Fashion and Luxury”. 

A truly triumphant success, derived from a very ambitious project, focused on the idea of elitist “Beauty”, understood as absolute purity of “Style”, “Elegance” met temporal, sophisticated and flawless, “Nobility” exasperated thought and action. A multifaceted artist, visionary, eclectic, intelligent, sensitive, charismatic, cosmopolitan and multilingual; acute observer and peculiar forms, perspectives, spatial geometries, volumes and varied colours, encased in a new language “iconic-figurative” and can say “explore” the inner essence individual, emphasizing the deep inner dimension and shape, with extreme originality, the infinite personality, giving each a unique identity, unique and inimitable. 

Danny Wise Top model

"I dress the woman who love and the man who fell me"

Crowned winner of four Oscars of Fashion and 51 international awards In the month of April 2015 has enjoyed the privilege of being awarded also two prestigious prizes: the “Crux Merits”, belonging to the Orthodox Church and the Assyrian-Chaldean official document of the Holy See, the Vatican, with the special ecclesiastical blessing of Pope Francis. Admirable honours, filled with immense grace and bliss, which make about his “noble” existential and introspective. 

In fact, the meticulous stylistic research that characterizes it, requires an analysis intimate superb and brilliant, a delicacy, finesse and a “know-how” exceptional, free from vacant preconceived and stereotyped patterns, that yearns for redeeming virtues of the senses spirit, sublimating the formal concept of aesthetics to the altar … “Eternal Beltade”, plus a sacred and inviolable value: the coveted “panacea” against all the evils and meanness pervasive, affecting and debase society today. 


Danny Wise, the supreme exponent of “Glamour” in the world, brilliant master of iconography and worship of perfectionism; he faithfully embodies the prototype of the authentic “Gentleman”, the eccentric “Dandy”, the intellectual intimate: a figure somewhat complex, enigmatic and intriguing, from the quirky charm, habit polite and gallant manners. 

A beautiful icon, who generously dispenses sensual “Elegance”, arousing strong emotions, exciting and unknown, and then download them with professional talent wise, in the fabulous “Golden Universe” Extra-Luxury, the sumptuous “red-carpet” of High Fashion. Danny Wise, a prestigious name that, with his “creative virtuosity illuminating”, likes to enchant, amaze and invites you to dream, combining in a kaleidoscopic magic alchemy of fantastic visual effects and nuance, the glitz American, French charm, the Anglo-Saxon rigor chromaticity and the Mediterranean … 

“THE ART glorifying THE ART” !!!


The Seduction becomes Style