Haute Couture Shawls

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Danny Wise Haute Couture Shawls

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Sumptuous shawls, beautiful scarves, the polyhedral geometries and varied colors that magically radiate iridescent flashes of light, gliding softly amongst the undulating folds of the body, as graceful strokes. sophisticated and impeccable garments, ideal for day, evening and great night.

Use of basic materials in a leadership position; opulent artifacts, refined stylistic refinement and by ‘high quality tailoring, worked only in our internal laboratories, with extreme care and artisan wealth, strictly certified by the Made in Italy brand.

Impeccable fabrics, of rare quality, provenance International, the royal texture, impalpable and enveloping, they can enhance any kind of head wear, at the same time exalting the harmony and the feminine beauty. The selection of analytical market products, associated with the charismatic artistic genius of renowned designer N.H. DANNY WISE, attach to each creating a unique and inimitable imprimatur, to merit the noble crown of “GLAMOUR” and the words “TOP-CLASS” in the WORLD.


Black, Black 2, Black glama, Brown, Light Blue, Mango Wise, Red, Yellow

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