Moon – Hat with visor

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Danny Wise hats that “extend life”.
Very soft hat in alligator, unlined interior, anti-fog crystal mask, edged in double silk satin, matching color.

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The hats are made of the finest exotic leathers and are equipped with a crystal visor that shields the virus, “DANNY WISE extends your life”. The slogan chosen to launch the new collection of anti-Covid, anti-pollen allergy and anti-sun allergy hats could not be more guessed, signed by the famous designer defined as the most refined hand for the luxury of the third millennium. life”. At a time like this, I therefore conceived a cap with a protective visor. But while the world continues to swarm with disposable masks, I have chosen elegance, the style that never goes out of style. It is a bit like rejecting futile, transient, tasteless sex; and instead prefer true love, which is one and forever”.

Starting from this awareness, Danny Wise has designed a hat forged with the finest exotic leathers, that is crocodile, alligator, caiman, rigorously hand-cut, following the livery of the animal itself, here worked and made even more subtle, soft and therefore light. He added the anti-fog crystal mask, a material used by the best companies that produce helmets for Formula One drivers. Some visors are colored to protect the wearer from the solar glare: in technicolor for those who go to the snow, yellow for those who choose the sea. In addition, all the masks are edged on the bias in double silk satin, the same one used for haute couture dresses. The inner label is also made of silk with the initials DW embroidered by hand. The caps, available in various shades, have two layers of paint and two more transparent ones to protect them from the rain and give them shine: a treatment reserved only for Rolls Royce bodies.

We are truly at the top of the world production of high fashion and extra luxury accessories. Both in terms of the materials used and in terms of the technology used.


Alligator, Soft Leather, Tassel


Black, Blue Wise, Coffee, Red, Violet

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Moon – Hat with visor woman Moon – Hat with visor woman
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