Peony Danny Wise

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“Peony: the sacred flower
of Olympus … Sublime icon of the prestigious maison Danny Wise”

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Peony: code of style … From a symbol of harmonious gift to a precious object of worship.
In the dreamlike enchantment of this spectacular “garden of wonders”, surrounded by a “bucolic” atmosphere, of magical alchemy, almost surreal … here “blossoms”, like a persuasive “Hymn to Love”, the wonderful Peony, elegant and sensual flower, sweet and refined, which sprinkles the mystical perfume of the “Divina Beltade”. Thanks to the charismatic, versatile, eclectic genius and the noble, skilled hands of the famous NH designer Danny Wise, in unison a special iconographic union is created between “Nature” and “Art”, which crowns him “Fiore Eccelso”, one of the symbols most representative of the renowned Maison.

With masterful virtuosity, he designs and shapes amazing floral rainbows, graceful plumages, with multifaceted shapes and variegated colors, which are freely inspired by the infinite iridescent shades and iridescent glows of this unique flower, with an exotic appearance and a regal bearing. Opulent dream creations, polychrome and multiform, embroider admirable plays of light and shadow, which emphasize different perspectives, geometries and volumes, respecting the essential “stylistic imprimatur” of absolute uniqueness and exclusivity of the product in the world.

Fantastic stylized peonies, with a refined taste, minted with precious chisels and peculiar criteria of softness, sinuosity / rigidity, which enclose tiny inlays, with precious veins or a thin metallic texture, using fabrics of rare value, with meticulous tailoring… Models personalized and inimitable, the result of a high quality level, entirely handmade, with the utmost care and craftsmanship, rigorously certified by the Made in Italy brand. Obviously, depending on the delicacy or texture of the fabric, the structure, physiognomy and height of the flower also radically change.

Materials: tulle parisien, tulle parisien plissé, organza mikado, mink, muslin with flakes of lurex, ostrich feathers, heron feathers, goose feathers, swan, marabou, peacock.

Color: all the shades of pink and white colors of Peony.

Size: diameter from 12 to 14 cm for the peony,
diameter of peony and feathers from 20 to 25 cm


Black, Black-Gold, Black-White, Black-Wisteria, Black-Yellow, Blue Wise, Coral pink, Coral-Green, Fucsia, Gold, Gold-Black, Green, Green-Red, Orange-Black, Pink, Pink geranium, Pink-Black, Red-Black, Silver, Transparent, Transparent White, White Cream, Yellow-Black, Yellow-White, Yellow-Wisteria

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